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So we carry these magnetic “story boards” at the store which have different little characters on them. A (racist) customer today was looking at the fairy tale one, and she asked why the princess on it was dark, and explained that she couldn’t give a present that had a dark princess on it. My coworker and I were too stunned by this blatant display of racism to say anything, so we mumbled something about “choices” and “representation” and showed the customer the animals board instead, which she bought.

The reason we carry the boards with the black princess on them are for customers like a Black family who came in last week, with two little daughters. They older one was almost squealing she was so excited that the princess looked like her, and that the fairy looked like her sister. Black girls deserve to see more images of themselves as the beautiful, royal, magical characters, and white girls can handle not being the main character for once.

(Related: your white kids can handle having a black doll, too. Who knows, they might end up with black or mixed children when they grow up.)





I wish you would all shut the fuck up about Lucy I mean damn I saw the movie last night and I saw no traces or any racism in it.

According to most it focuses on a white woman in a foreign country which is racist to some of you but little do any of you actually know most of the movie takes place in France.  Tokyo is just the starting point.

Apparently Lucy kills a Japanese man for not speaking English in his own country.   She does not kill him.  She simply shoots him in the leg because he cannot be of service to her.  Many don’t account for her mental status as well.  After the drugs were injected into her she lost feeling.  She could not think straight as all logic was blocked.

Lucy was very logical in everything she did and I saw no racism or anything to piss any of you off.  She never killed anyone she didn’t have to.  She only ended people deemed as a direct threat to her.

It’s a damn movie and you’re all overreacting per usual.  Just shut up and enjoy it.

In their zeal for defending the racism in this movie, this person seems to have confused Taiwan for Japan.

They made a mistake, people confuse where settings are all the damn time. 


…This is actually really disturbing.  Wryly observing that the OP mixed up two Asian countries (while OP was defending the white lady hero for shooting an Asian man for not serving her) means I need to chill out, that I was freaking out, and that I wasn’t correcting the OP calmly enough.

OP started their post with “shut the fuck up” and ended it with “you’re overreacting per usual, just shut up and enjoy it” but I’m the one who needs to calm down.   Okay…

[For the record, in the US —historically and in modern day—white ethnicities and countries of origin are conflated and white ethnic identities erased for the sake of increasing the political power of white people, while Asian ethnicities and countries of origin are conflated and erased to remove political power from Asian Americans.   Generally, when Asian American identities are confused there is an underlying dynamic of racism.   That’s probably why you’ve not been in a position to “freak out.”  (Though your definition of “freak out” appears to be “observe wryly that OP confused two Asian countries while OP was politely telling people concerned about racism to “shut the fuck up.”)]

allerasphinx asked:

did you watch the comic con vid? i like natalie dormer and all, but she totally white-feministed that question the moderator asked the panel.




she totally did. like without even remotely a doubt.

i was listening to her speak and i’m just like…what a fucking luxury to be able to talk about things like weight and boobs——i swear nicole was going somewhere with her “ass-size” comment but she got cut off. the treatment and sexualization of black women’s bodies is VERY different.

natalie, as a white women, can sit down and talk about how “unhealthy” body image is in magazines—-blah blah blah but like what about RACE and REPRESENTATION? what about the women who ARENT seeing themselves in magazines? white actors ALWAYS ignore race and colorism when it comes to the body image issue in hollywood. 

like, i’m sorry u have to be skinny but at least u’re white…? does that sound cruel? i mean whiteness opens all sorts of doors that r forever shut to actors like nicole—-regardless of talent. 

i remember a hollywood roundtable where all these white actors were talking about why they didnt get roles (too fat, boobs not big enough) and i think it was regina king who made a statement that basically amounted to the reason why she didn’t get a role was because she was black. and everyone got quiet, lol. cause i mean oop u gotta lose weight? cant eat that cake? how about someone basically asking u to change the color of ur skin or the shape of ur eyes? how about that?

i dunno…natalie isn’t the first white actor to be ignorant at panels. i keep thinking about that guy from spartacus complaining about having to go tanning and wear bronzers and manu bennet just calling him out like the reason why he’s the lead is because of that. rinse and repeat with mindy kaling and the ignorant shit said to her when she talked about diversity at her roundtable. or how about EVERY hollywood roundtable where white actors get to sit around look wide-eyed and innocent while their colleagues of color talk about the lack of new projects they’re getting and the racism in the industry. those white actors and directors who listen to these statements with varying degrees of silence or open-mouthed silencing techniques.

one of these days i want somebody to stand up during one of these panels and read these white actors for filth. i aint got no problems with natalie dormer but this kind of speaking that normalizes white women and others non-white women needs to stop. at some point SOMEONE needs to acknowledge the european standards of beauty. i THOUGHT natalie was going in that direction with her whole “french films” business but it was more bullshit “oh we get to see different shapes of ppl” BUT WHITE PPL NATALIE, U GET TO SEE MORE WHITE PPL!

It really comes off as uber pretentious when people start speaking about “European films” as if they don’t have issues with representation as well.

I listened to her and she basically said nothing that hasn’t been said…like Natalie needs to understand there’s a reason why she’s on the Tudors, Elementary, Game of Thrones, in the Hunger Games as an actress who’s only claim to fame prior to that was playing the jump off for the coke addicted attorney in Silk. That she, as a white English woman, can get roles that a black American actress can’t even dream of.

So, yeah….when they talk about weight, boobs, and ass and lack thereof as a hindrance, I roll my eyes. All those superficial things can be changed if they choose. Kerry Washington made an excellent point when she did The Hollywood Reporter’s roundtable for TV actresses in the run up to the 2013 Emmys. All the women talking about having to lose weight, and she had to contend with being told she’s “too ethnic”, “the production was not ‘going black’, and she told them they could lose the weight, but she couldn’t change her skin color, nor does she want to. And then, nothing but blank stares and crickets.

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